Best Rice Exporter from Pakistan

With agriculture being the most significant sector of the economy, there is no shortage of rice exporters in Pakistan. However, when it comes to quality, consistency, and exceptional customer service, Bhandari Foods has no parallel being the best rice supplier from Pakistan. Having established a firm footing in the export industry with over 10 years of excellence, Bhandari Foods is without a doubt, the number one choice for international and local buyers. 

Much of our consistency and quality can be credited to our traditional but enhanced processes.  At Bhandari Foods, we’ve been able to preserve the traditional aroma, flavor, and appearance of rice despite bringing considerable improvements in our harvesting methods.

Our Products: 

Whether it’s Super Kernel Basmati, 1121 Basmati Kainat, PK 386 Rozana Rice, C9 Long Grain, or IRRI 6 Long Grain; Bhandari Foods is among the industry leaders in terms of taste, quality, and service. Not only is our rice gluten-free and non-GMO, but it also shows commitment to our promise of providing premium quality rice meeting both your personal or business needs.

Super Kernel & 1122 Basmati Kainat: 

At Bhandari Foods, Super Kernel is our top-selling product. Our shipments are available in packages ranging from 1KG to 100KG and even bulk containers depending on your needs. Additionally, we have a wide variety of Kernel Basmati available in White, Brown, and Sella (parboiled). Not only is our Super Kernel Basmati rice free of stone, metal, and glass but also contains no traces of live or dead insects. With an average length of 7.00 to 7.20 MM and broken grains only contributing to less than 2% max of a package, our Super Kernel rice is without a doubt, the best basmati from Pakistan.

Our 1122 Basmati Kainat is another reason why Bhandari Food remains the best rice exporter from Pakistan. With several options ranging from 1122 Basmati Kainat White, Steam, and Sella; it is a Bhandari promise that our products will always have a purity of more than 95%. Like all our products, 1122 Basmati Kainat is full of aroma and free of all impurities being the best gluten-free rice from Pakistan.  

PK 386 Rozana, C9 Long Grain, & IRRI 6 Long Grain Rice: 

Moisture content is controlled appropriately in our shipments with 14% being the max in any of the three mentioned products. This ensures the delivery of high-quality products right to your doorstep to meet your business or personal needs. Not only is the rice light on your pocket but also on your stomach leaving you craving for more. Our IRRI 6 has broken grains available in quantities of 5% – 10% – 15% and even 25%. Similarly, shipments of our PK 386 Rozana and C9 Long Grain will have a maximum of less than 2% broken grains, and less than 1.5% max damaged or yellow grains. 

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Why are we the best? 

Pakistan has always been one of the most preferred rice exporting country in the world. Moreover, a large number of companies in the industry have led to fierce competition. However, Bhandari Foods has been able to retain its position of dominance in the market for over 10 years. There are many reasons why Bhandari Foods is the best rice supplier from Pakistan. Firstly, research, development, and technological advancements are given substantial priority at Bhandari Foods. Our claim of being the best rice exporter is backed by years of continuous process improvement leading to efficient harvesting methods and premium quality produce. Our milling methods are aligned with international standards enabling us to harvest rice at a faster rate without compromising the quality of grains. 

Our strict and rigid control mechanisms ensure consistency in our products through preventative quality checks. Not only are our processes enhanced but our teams are equipped with the skills necessary to certify the harvest of high-quality grains. Bhandari Foods meets the relevant standards and possesses all certifications to be a trusted international rice exporter. Contact us now to gain more information on our processes or for any business inquiries. 

Staying true to the Bhandari Promise, we guarantee every bite of our delicate texture rice with its unique nutty flavor will leave you desiring for more. Whether it’s biryani, pulao, or kheer, our rice will always meet your expectations and standards.