Quality, Consistency, and Taste – A Tradition at Bhandari Foods

Rice, a product used in a variety of traditional and cultural dishes carrying a sentimental value worldwide. Whether it is the biryani or pulao that makes you appreciate your mothers cooking or that creamy rice pudding that takes you back to your childhood, rice is without a doubt a traditional food all over the world. Bhandari Foods is a prominent player in the rice industry of Pakistan staying true to the global tradition having dealt with customers all over the world providing a satisfactory experience for more than 10 years.


Rice Exporters in Asia:

It is estimated that nearly 700 million tons of rice are harvested in over 100 countries annually; out of this, almost 640 million tons are grown in Asia alone. However, this is no surprise as the climate, environment, and land are perfectly suitable to grow and harvest rice. Rice harvested in this region is known for being superior in quality, taste, appearance, and aroma. This has led to the establishment of uncountable rice exporters in the Asian region particularly Pakistan due to lucrative business opportunities. However, Bhandari Foods remains the best rice supplier from Pakistan due to its unique, researched, and validated combination of machinery and skilled labour. Consumer satisfaction has always been the number one priority in our processes allowing us to focus on more important aspects such as valuing our customers.


Why our quality is the best:

There are a number of ways to analyze the quality of rice. The length of the grain, its uniformity, thickness or thinness, stickiness, aroma, and texture all hint at its quality. Nevertheless, the quality of rice cannot be judged through its physical appearance alone and it is important to refer to the nutritional content, as well. However, the golden rule remains the same; good quality rice will always provide higher satiety – making you feel full quickly. Here are some facts why Bhandari Foods has the best rice products in all of Pakistan: 

  • It is a guarantee that all our shipments will have a purity of more than 95%
  • Our rice shipments are free from all impurities and contain no traces of live or dead insects 
  • Rice grains are consistent in length and contain only a tiny fraction of broken grains (broken grains are available as per business/personal requirements ranging from 5% – 10% – 15% and 25% in IRRI 6) 
  • Through our comprehensive research methods, we’ve deterred that there is less than 1.5% max yellow or damaged grains in any of our shipments
  • While our processes are integrated with superior technology, all our rice products remain non-GMO 
  • Fertilizers, packing material, and other key products are procured directly from industry leaders preventing any degradation in the quality of our rice products post-harvest 
  • A list of authenticated and verifiable certifications ensuring compliance with both local and international harvesting and quality control guidelines.

The Bhandari Tradition:

Just as rice is a traditional food all over the world – its quality, consistency, and taste is a tradition at Bhandari Foods. Each grain is packed with taste, aroma, and shipped with affection straight to your doorstep meeting both your business and personal needs. It is a Bhandari promise that our gluten-free rice from Pakistan will leave you craving for more. In order to control the quality of our rice, shipments are proactively tracked and evaluated ensuring prompt delivery of superior quality rice. 

At Bhandari Foods, we have incorporated a variety of testing methods to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of rice. Moreover, the quality of our rice is consistent in each grain due to strict and preventative control mechanisms aimed at ensuring uniformity in every shipment. Ultimately, the taste and aroma of our rice make Bhandari Foods the best rice exporter from Pakistan. All our rice products are grown in a controlled environment monitored by industry specialists including regular assessment through government and third-party regulators. 

Similarly, our team of highly skilled and trained experts will also enhance the quality of your business experience at Bhandari Foods. We go one step ahead and ensure you get not only the best rice from Pakistan but also the best experience enabling you to find a trusted rice exporter in a cluster of suppliers. Contact us now to gain more information on our processes or for any business inquiries.