Where Does Kinnow Mandarin Come From?

King-Willow leaf mandarin hybrid, kinnow, was acquired at the University of California Research Center, Riverside by H. B. Frost in 1915. However, it was released in 1935. Kinnow is the most widely planted mandarin in Pakistan and among the best fresh fruits. The tree thrives and has an erect form, with solid flexibility for alternate bearing. The fruit is round with a smooth orange rind that does not peel well for a mandarin. The outer part is orange in color, seedy inside, and has a rich, peculiar flavor. Kinnow is cultivated in the winters and holds well on the tree.

It is a citrus fruit grown in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is a type of orange that has extraordinary taste and lists the best fresh fruits. Kinnow mandarin is full of unique flavors and has many beneficial properties, specifically Vitamin C. These benefits help our body daily and boost proper digestion. It can be taken in the form of juice or the whole fruit itself. Kinnow juice without Pulp is delicious and aids in strengthening the immune system. 

Pakistan’s climatic conditions and soil are ideal for growing the best Kinnow Mandarin and providing it better taste than other mandarins grown globally. Mandarin Orange grown in Pakistan is sweeter, whereas other countries produce sour Kinnow. It has given exporters a greater opportunity to export the best kinnow from Pakistan to all over the world.

The Mandarin Kinnow cultivation starts in winters. The climatic conditions make it sweeter and provide its unique taste as well. Kinnow fruit and other citruses come under one of Pakistan’s main trades. Due to this, Pakistan is among the top ten citrus producers and exporters list globally. In this regard, Bhandari Foods serve as the best fruit exporter in Pakistan for the past 10 years. 

For its outstanding quality, taste, and health benefits, Kinnow mandarin Pakistan is demanded worldwide. Moreover, international merchants favor the Kinnow orange of Pakistan than other countries. 

Sargodha is one of the regions where this citrus fruit cultivates at a high rate. About 80% of orange production in Pakistan is produced in Sargodha. Sargodha Mandarin is undoubtedly the best. The Government should also look at other Pakistan’s rural areas to meet the high demands of Kinnow Mandarin.  

Current Trading Challenges 

Kinnow mandarin export faces multiple challenges in Pakistan. It requires the most advanced machinery to increase its production and implementation of new methods. To meet the annual kinnow demands worldwide, an investment of around 20 million dollars for expanding the yield of Kinnow on Pakistan soil is needed. It puts the fruit exported in a fix.

To meet the yearly flux, the current working ethics to cultivate Mandarin has to be redesigned. If Pakistan can adapt to these necessary changes, then an increase in Kinnow production can overall increase export in Pakistan.

We have a better chance as China’s export of Mandarin is taking a hit because Russia has suspended its citrus trade with China. Now, it’s Pakistan’s turn to sweep in and expand its trade with Russia and Central Asian Countries.

Bhandari Foods International Kinnow Mandarin Trade 

Bhandari foods is the best fruit exporter in Pakistan that cultivates Kinnow on our farms. We have around multi-acre orange farms in the Punjab region, where we get our quality supply of Kinnow mandarin. Our farms are cultivated under the surveillance of skilled farmers.

We never negotiate on the quality of our Kinnow mandarin. As Kinnow export in Pakistan is booming. Therefore, it provides a chance to us in increasing our production and export even more.

Our Trade 

Bhandari Foods has very straightforward trade programs. We never mislead our clients with fabricated information. We take pride in our work and believe in total transparency, and these are the working ethics that all employees at Bhandari Foods follow.

Bhandari Foods has connections with all major shipping companies that help us administer Kinnow export at low prices to our customers worldwide. We export our Mandarin globally, but we have some hot-selling areas like the UAE, Russia, and Central Asia.

Packaging Criteria 

Kinnow is one of those citrus fruits with an easy-to-peel outer shell. It makes them more practical and easier to trade worldwide. Bhandari Foods pack their Kinnow mandarines for export in special cardboard boxes. All of these boxes weigh 10 KG or 22 pounds.

Being the best fruit exporter in Pakistan, Bhandari Foods has been working to meet the annual demand, making Pakistan the top kinnow provider country in the world.