The Growth & Volume of Potatoes in Pakistan

Recently, Pakistan has become one of the most influential nations for potato production, and Pakistani potatoes dominate various markets because of their excellent quality, packaging, and pricing. Pakistani potatoes are of the best quality, have a smooth texture, natural yellow and red skin, and long, round-shaped potatoes. It was Pakistani potato exporters who first introduced a water washing facility and encouraged a washed potato idea in various countries. Today due to the potato’s cleanliness and look, Pakistan potato exports have enhanced drastically.

Bhandari Foods constantly strive to be the best and finest potato exporter and potato supplier. We specialize in growing potato variants such as Mozika, Sante, Lady Rosetta, and Asterix. 

Potato Growth in Pakistan 

Pakistan exports over 4 million metric tons of potatoes, and this amount is rising with every passing year. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is growing as one of the biggest exporters of food products globally. The world is demanding potatoes from Pakistan because of their high-grade quality and rich flavor. 

Recently, Pakistan matured to become self-sufficient in potato production for its domestic & international use by developing seeds locally. Now, more than 99 percent of potato agriculture is produced in Pakistan. It has reportedly aided in meeting the ongoing export demands of the country.

Types of Potatoes in Pakistan 

Pakistan is blessed with fertile land, and it takes full advantage of it. This factor leads Pakistan to produce various varieties of potatoes and export them globally. Premium quality potatoes in Pakistan are produces in masses due to this reason. Following are some of the top potato types commonly grown in our land: 

  1. Lady Rosetta Potato

Lady Rosetta specializes in crisping variety with high dry matters, and unlike other types, it is almost sugar-free. It is also the preferred potato variety for chip manufacturers such as PepsiCo, Super Crisps, Mr. Crisps due to its sugar-free and crispy nature. It is easier to add that crunchy texture in lady Rosetta than any other potato type.

Our group is one of the preeminent producers and exporters of Lady Rosetta and currently exporting it to various chips snack manufacturers globally. The major import countries for this type include Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Georgia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Iraq. It is mostly exported in 25kg to 60 kg mess bags globally. 

  1. Mozika Potato 

Mozika is a famous and the most popular variety of potatoes for export purposes. It has a long shape and is preferred by various supermarkets, wholesalers, and restaurants for its size and clean skin. It is usually exported after proper washing because it is very suitable for a water wash.

Research has shown that mozika potatoes have the highest consumer use, and it is utilized in almost every class of the food. The premium quality potatoes in Pakistan are rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc. Moreover, Mozika potatoes are available throughout the year and range from 8cm to 10 cm. Its weight s 80 grams or more, and it consists of a thick peel. It is mostly exported in 7kg to 10 kg transparent bags globally. 

  1. Sante Potato 

Sante is recognized for its long shelf-life. It is round-shaped and usually preferred by customers in Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. This potato type is famous for its disease-resisting characteristics. It supports baking and boiling dishes, and that is why it is in high demand. It is fit to be pre-packed, processing, and wide use in cooking. It naturally has a good resistance against white and golden eelworms. It is typically exported after being thoroughly washed as it is very fitting for a water wash. Mostly, It is exported in 7kg to 10 kg transparent bags globally.

Fresh Potato

Fresh potato export agriculture is intensely concentrated in Punjab, Pakistan. They are usually eaten simply by boiling, baking, or frying. They are frequently served as a side dish or snacks, including chips & Snacks, French fries, potato chips, and potato flour. Moreover, freshly cooked potatoes with skin are a good source of various necessary vitamins and minerals, such as potassium and vitamin C.Evidently, vitamin C in potatoes also behaves as an excellent antioxidant. The National Institutes of Health has declared that these substances also aid in preventing and delaying cell damage. It may help digestion, better heart health, slow down cancer cells and improve blood pressure. It is also a fact that potatoes are excellent sources of phytonutrients. Bhandari Food is one of the finest potato exporters in Pakistan.