How 1121 Basmati Rice Is Better Than Other Rice?

1121 Basmati rice is worldwide renowned for its long grain length, delicious cooking, and distinct taste. These grains remain separate and fluffy even after they are cooked. This kind of rice is not very old, but it has gained an outstanding market in just a few years. Just like Super Basmati Rice, 1121 Basmati Rice is also grown only in the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.

Bhandari Food is one of the leading rice exporters from Pakistan. Being one of the best rice exporters, we take extra measures to provide suitable conditions for the quality production of 1121 basmati rice. This rice is a genuine gift of nature because of its excellent taste. It is exceptionally tasty, long, and fragrant, and it is widely used for making biryani, fried rice, and pulao.

1121 Basmati Rice is the Best

1121 basmati rice is better than others because it ages well with time. Unlike other rice, it has a tendency to get better when stored in favorable conditions for years. It can be stored for up to 10 years. Like wine, it only gets better in taste, quality, and aroma as it ages. On the other hand, other rice can get spoiled if left for this long.

Moreover, 1121 basmati rice cooks in a fluffy nature without sticking together. You can see each grain separately even after cooking the rice for any particular dish. It also gives out a soothing aroma; it is long in length and has a distinct nutty taste. Many best rice exporters focus more on the quality of their 1121 rice than others because of their high demand in the market.

1121 Basmati Rice is Better than Others

Following reason tells why 1121 basmati rice is better than other rice types:

1- Length

Length is the most distinctive feature that differentiates 1121 rice from all other types. This is the longest rice available in the market ranging from 8.05 mm to 8.30 mm. It is best for Mughal cuisines as it makes the whole food presentation excellent. Moreover, it tastes better than other rice and has an extraordinary aroma. On the other hand, other types of rice ranges from 3mm to 6mm maximum and they are easily breakable when cooked. They do not retain their length and gets mixed after cooking. Some are sticky in nature only used for sushi. All in all, 1121 basmati rice is the healthiest, tastiest, and rich in nutrient best for regular intake to fulfil carbohydrates needs.

2- Not Sticky

1121 basmati rice is the best basmati rice from Pakistan. One of the reasons is that it does not stick after being cooked. Many Mughal dishes require the rice grain to maintain their integrity after being cooked, and 1121 is best for that purpose. Its distinctive feature is that after cooking, it gets fluffy but does not stick together. You can still see the separate grains of the rice while you eat them. For this reason, the 1121 basmati rice is better than other types of rice.

3- Rich in Flavor

The 1121 basmati rice is rich in flavor because it ages well with time. If you give it suitable condition and leave for 2 to 10 years, its flavor enhances manifolds and gives the most distinctive flavor one could have. Other types of rice do not mature well if kept stored and are not rich in flavor as much as the 1121 rice. Therefore, the flavor and taste of this rice is the most unique and can not be compared with others. People can easily tell the difference of 1121 just by smelling and tasting it. The best rice exporters also know this distinctive feature that is why work extra hard to maintain its quality, flavor, and taste.

4- Quality of Production

One of the big reasons Bhandari Foods is one of the best rice exporters is that it never bargains its production quality of 1121 basmati rice. Every batch of this rice is harvested and stored in the most suitable environmental conditions with proper quality control and check. 1121 basmati rice is grown under special condition, and it is well taken care of. Therefore, this is the heathiest type of rice.

These qualities guarantees that 1121 basmati rice is better than other types of rice.