The Cultivation of Kinnow in Punjab

Pakistan’s climatic conditions and soil are ideal for growing the best Kinnow Mandarin and providing it better taste than other mandarins grown globally. Mandarin Orange grown in Pakistan is sweeter, whereas other countries produce sour Kinnow. It has given exporters a greater opportunity to export the best kinnow from Pakistan to all over the world.

The Mandarin Kinnow cultivation starts in winters. The climatic conditions make it sweeter and provide its unique taste as well. Kinnow fruit and other citruses come under one of Pakistan’s main trades. Due to this, Pakistan is among the top ten citrus producers and exporters list globally. In this regard, Bhandari Foods serve as the best fruit exporter in Pakistan for the past 10 years. 

For its outstanding quality, taste, and health benefits, Kinnow mandarin Pakistan is demanded worldwide. Moreover, international merchants favor the Kinnow orange of Pakistan than other countries. 

Sargodha is one of the regions where this citrus fruit cultivates at a high rate. About 80% of orange production in Pakistan is produced in Sargodha, Punjab. Sargodha kinnow is undoubtedly the best. The Government should also look at other Pakistan’s rural areas to meet the high demands of Kinnow Mandarin.  

It is a citrus fruit grown in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It is a type of orange that has extraordinary taste and lists the best fresh fruits. Kinnow mandarin is full of unique flavors and has many beneficial properties, specifically Vitamin C. These benefits help our body daily and boost proper digestion. It can be taken in the form of juice or the whole fruit itself. Kinnow juice without Pulp is delicious and aids in strengthening the immune system. 

Nutrition Profile 

Kinnow is widely grown in the Punjab region of Pakistan and other Asian countries and is commonly known as the king of fruits in Punjab. Many people export these best fresh fruits all over the world from this region. Kinnows are remarkably rich in vitamin C and drinking 100 ml of fresh kinnow juice can give you 20 mg of vitamin C every day.

Additionally, this fruit is also packed with vitamin B and minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and copper to help you promote your health. It has also been found that kinnow contains about 2.5 times more calcium than other citrus fruits.

Health Benefits of Kinnow 
  • Studies have proposed that oranges and kinnow may help reduce the formation of free radicals that cause cancer in our bodies. A compound called D-limonene present in orange is also known to assist in the prevention of cancer.
  • In orange, folic acid can encourage the growth of brain function.
  • Orange has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a great food to decrease the risk of arthritis or any other joints problems.
  • The high fiber content in orange can promote better digestion and aid in weight loss by making you feeling full for a longer time. 
  • Orange has flavonoids and polyphenols, which support the body in fighting viral infections.
  • Dried orange and kinnow peels can treat many skin problems like dark spots, pimples, blackheads, dull skin, etc. It gives a glow to your face.
  • Oranges contain fiber and potassium, which are fitting for your heart health. Moreover, they can also help regulate your gut health. 

For its outstanding quality, taste, and health benefits, Kinnow mandarin Pakistan is demanded worldwide. Moreover, international merchants favor the Kinnow orange of Pakistan than other countries. 

Trading Challenges of Kinnow in Pakistan

Kinnow mandarin export from Pakistan faces multiple challenges. Majorly because it requires the most advanced machinery to increase its production and implementation of new methods. To meet the annual kinnow demands worldwide, an investment of around 20 million dollars for expanding the yield of Kinnow on Pakistan soil is needed. It puts the fruit exporters in a fix.

To meet the yearly flux, the current working ethics for the cultivation of Mandarin has to be revamped. If we put effort to adapt to these necessary changes, then an increase in Kinnow production can overall increase the exports in Pakistan. Right now, we have a better chance as China’s export of Mandarin is taking a big hit because Russia has stopped its citrus trade with China. Now, it’s Pakistan’s chance to sweep in timely and grow its trade with Russia and other Central Asian Countries.

The kinnow production form Pakistan is better than many different countries and we can fill in the market gap effortlessly if we organize our current production. Moreover, government support can make it easier for the fruit exporters to meet the international demands. Pakistani Kinnow is already loved globally, and exporters can easily build their trade on this factor. This factor also contributes to the high-quality cultivation of kinnow in Pakistan.