Why Pakistani Spices are the Best?

Spices are the fundamental ingredients of Pakistani cuisine. Cooking without the spices is almost impossible and missing some of these spices can result in significant changes in flavor in dishes. It is always better to stock up these spices prior to cooking any Pakistani dishes. Moreover, if you stock them in the right manner, they will not go bad and last long. Due to the richness of these spices, the world has also developed a taste of the fine quality spices from Pakistan and added them in their daily meals. The taste and aroma these spices add to any meal is cherished worldwide. Various cultures have embraced the richness of Pakistani culture and transformed their cuisines accordingly. These spices bring a wonderful and finger-licking taste to all foods, and that is why Pakistani spices are considered the best in international markets. Their great quality and excellent flavor have become everyone’s favorite. This traditional taste has now become a scrumptious haven for many countries. However, not all know about these spices. The rising liking of Pakistani spices has given an opportunity to Bhandari Foods to promote their fine quality spices from Pakistan in global markets. 

Spices of Pakistan 

Pakistan is blessed with rich land and grows many fruits, vegetables, and spices. Its spices are renowned globally for their rich quality, taste, and aroma. Following are the best quality spices from Pakistan:

  • Chili Powder

Tracing back its origin, the Chili powder first became famous in the 16th century when the Aztecs introduced them to the conquering Spaniards. In recent years, we find Chili powder forming one of the essential spices in the composition of many Pakistani dishes, ranging from Neharis to tender Barbeques and much more.

The taste of Chili powder can vary from brand to brand and production sources, but it mainly has a sharp, spicy, and fierce taste. The purest form of Chili powder is in the form of dried ground chili peppers. However, it is too spicy to be used frequently. Thus, manufacturers combine Chili powder with various aromatic seeds, spices, and herbs to keep its spice level maintained. 

  • Allspice 

The ultimate glory of Zafrani Paye, Kabsa, Shahi Seekh Kabab, Murgh Reshmi, and even the Coconut Stuffed Okra. It is because Allspice is a multipurpose seasoning used in several dishes. It is mostly planted in Jamaica and West Indies and combines the flavor of pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It is obtained from the Allspice tree, and the spice is available in the form of small sun-dried berries.

These berries are usually crushed and used in many spice blends. This grounded Allspice is commonly stored in a muslin bag for making chutneys and pickles. They are useful in cooking stews and soups. Apart from being used in various dishes, Allspice also gives a spicy fragrance to the potpourri, particularly when used in combination with cinnamon. 

  • Turmeric Powder 

Turmeric powder is commonly recognized as Haldi, the best Turmeric powder in Pakistan comes from the perennial plant of the ginger family. The Turmeric has a dull, grayish exterior but a Saffron color from the inside. It possesses an aromatic scent yet a slightly acrid taste, and it serves as a condiment in almost every other dish cooked in a Pakistani kitchen. Moreover, it is a popular ingredient used in mustard-powder blends specifically in pickles and chutneys.

A pinch of Turmeric powder adds coloring, fragrance, flavor, and countless health-related benefits to a dish. Turmeric powder does not only form an essential part of Eastern dishes as a spice but is also famous for its medicinal value. It can help in healing wounds and treating diseases like arthritis, diabetes, headache, and some chronic disorders.

  • Black Pepper

Pakistani food recipes like Black Pepper Chicken mainly revolve around black pepper, although black and white pepper come from the same climbing vine. The climbing vine from which we extract black pepper is inherent to East Indies, Pakistan, India, Sumatra, Java, and many other places. The black pepper is originally in the form of berries that are picked, dried, and grounded by farmers. These berries turn dark and wrinkled when drying in the sun, contributing to the black pepper’s overall appearance. The spice enhances the quality of any recipe with its rich aroma and intense peppery taste. 

All these spices are famously sold by Bhandari Foods internationally for the past 10 years. We are known for our quality and great flavor, and foreign people love to add these Pakistani spices to their everyday meals.