Which Rice Quality is Better?

Rice or organic rice is grown in ideal natural conditions without the treatment of chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Consuming this rice is considered beneficial to health. Moreover, the growing process helps keep the environment clean and green. Bhandari food, as one of the best rice exporters in Pakistan, is also a believer in a green environment, and due to this, we act upon safe methods to produce our rice.  

Organic farming has been ongoing for thousands of years, even before the more giant manufacturers introduced chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase crop yield many times. In the decade of 1970, a group of farmers and smaller food crops producers started the movement for organic food production. Laws about the usage of noxious pesticides and fertilizers were soon passed in individual states across the USA. It brought awareness among many people and exporters, and focus was diverted again to organic production of food. Rice cultivation also encountered considerable changes, and things like rice hulls, animal manure, and other natural wastes were promoted as fertilizers instead of harmful chemicals. 

Pakistan is one of the leading best rice exporters and has to maintain its market value internationally. Therefore, all the exporters, including Bhandari Food, work efficiently to produce the best basmati rice from Pakistan and other types. Pakistani rice is in high demand globally, and it is majorly because of its quality, flavor, size, and aroma. 

Premium Quality of Rice 

Rice is geographically indexed to the Punjab region on the Indian and Pakistani land. There are different types of rice grown in these regions. More or less, all rice types have the common standard characteristics, only some differ from each other. The best rice exporters characterize characterizes these features of the premium quality of this rice. Basmati rice are very well-known for their remarkable qualities. 

Premium Quality Features of Basmati Rice

Following characteristics make super kernel basmati rice the best basmati rice from Pakistan:

  • Length 

The super kernel basmati rice is admired worldwide because of its length. It improves the presentation of the food, and the taste is more satisfying. Globally, people also love the best basmati rice from Pakistan for this reason. The length of super kernel basmati rice typically ranges from 7.00 mm to 7.02 mm, which is presentable in dishes and gives you a complete feeling while chewing it. Moreover, it is famous worldwide for its long and fluffed presentation and aromatic fragrance. 

  • Grain and Cooking Quality 

The grain quality of this rice is the finest in all the markets. No other type has yet topped the level of basmati rice. It is also used in Mughal cuisine and other dishes frequently. Its grain is made of high-quality seeds that have been coming down from civilization to civilization. Due to this, super kernel basmati rice is highly admirable and in demand worldwide.

  • Rich in Flavor 

The flavor of super kernel basmati rice is so rich and tasty that people often find themselves reaching the shelves at grocery stores to stock up on them. Different rice type has a distinct flavor, but the main difference is whether it has been polished. Being the best rice exporter, Pakistan grows its basmati rice in the most suitable environment and uses the best fertilizers. The draining and harvesting time are also closely controlled with proper moisture content. Then basmati rice is stored in the right climate that contains enough moisture to keep the rice fresh, rich in its contents, and makes it age well.

  • Stickiness 

Being one of the best rice suppliers from Pakistan, we are famous worldwide for our super kernel basmati rice. It is because our rice is sufficiently sticky when cooked. This variety of rice is aromatic, and the grain size also ranges in a big length. However, there is a common misconception about glutinous rice that it contains dietary gluten, but it is not valid. The basmati rice is also good to consume by people with gluten restriction, and it falls under the category of healthy rice. 

  • Premium Quality 

One of the big reasons Pakistan is the best rice exporter that it never compromises its production quality of the basmati rice. Therefore, this type is the best of all. Every batch of rice is produced and stored in the most suitable environment with proper quality control. This type of rice needs to be taken with extra measures to ensure quality rice is produced at the end. 

  • Rich in Aroma 

The super kernel basmati rice has a rich aroma. People are often mesmerized by it when they cook the rice. Due to its distinct nutty flavor, its aroma is also distinct. It is another feature that make this basmati rice the best in the market.