How Pink Salt is Extracted?

Pink Himalayan salt is seen everywhere. Now, you can find it in grocery and other specialty food stores, and because of its charming hue, it has also made a literal connection to home items like table lamps. It not only purifies the air but also adds aesthetic value to the overall view. 

Himalayan salt is mined in Pakistan’s Punjab region, near the Himalayan foothills. The origins of this mineral salt go back to hundreds of millions of years when the salt was placed in a prehistoric ocean. However, until recent years, the Himalayan salt market was pretty small. Now, due to its demand and advantages, exports have advanced to 400,000 tons of salt per annum.

The populace has made many health claims regarding the best Himalayan pink salt over the passing years. Some claim salt lamps help to purify the air. Others say it can detoxify the body of unwanted heavy minerals. Moreover, there is also a group that has even implied it can increase libido. 

With passing times, there have been many assumptions made about Himalayan pink salt, some of which are correct, but some are mere theories.

Bhandari Foods has been proudly producing pink salt, being one of the best salt suppliers from Pakistan. For ten years, we have been exporting quality pink salt because of its vast benefits. 

History of Himalayan Pink Salt 

Historical fable tracks the discovery of the Himalayan salt deposits back to the army of Alexander the Great. However, the first records of mining this particular mineral are from the Janjua people in the 1200s. The Himalayan pink salt is mainly mined at the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Jhelum District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated in the foothills of the Salt Range hill system in the Punjab province of the Pakistan Indo-Gangetic Plain. Primarily, it is exported in bulk and treated in other countries for the consumer market. 

This gave the best salt suppliers from Pakistan to make their mark in the salt industry and provide the best Himalayan pink salt around the globe. 

Extraction of Himalayan Pink Salt 

This salt is mined by skilled workers using traditional methods and making use of their hands. This way, there is little to no pollution or waste byproducts from manufacturing the pink Himalayan salt. Though this salt was formed millions of years ago, the six mines where the salt is still harvested contain vast supplies and is still being mined for hundreds and thousands of tons of salt every year. 

Uses of Himalayan Pink Salt 

Following are the wide usage of pink salt: 

  • Helps your Body to Detoxify 

Pink Himalayan salt contains about 80 minerals and elements that include potassium, iron, and calcium. These minerals are found to aid our body’s natural detoxification process and encourage the removal of bacteria. It helps to improve health because of this; it is better to use than regular table salt.

  • Boosts Skin Care 

Pink Himalayan salt has several beneficial effects for numerous common skin conditions like eczema, but it depends on where the given salt is sourced. The National Eczema Association advises people to add a cup of salt to bathwater to relieve eczema flare-ups. This way, salt is aiding in many skincare regimes, and surprisingly it gives auspicious results.   

  • Good for Digestion 

Himalayan pink salt’s rich mineral content provenly helps to balance your body’s pH levels. When the pH levels get balanced, our bodies have better immunity and can process and digest food. It leads to better gut regulation and keeps the bowel movement smooth. This way, you will not suffer from gut problems again. 

  • Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells 

Pink Himalayan salt can make a great natural exfoliator. You can easily mix the salt crystals with olive oil or coconut oil and use the mixture with a warm towel or in a warm bath for smoother and softer skin. These salt crystals have a tendency to clear out the dead skin cells from the root. The salt’s crystal-like shape helps eradicate the skin cells, which can be washed away by water later. You can use it twice a week and see the results yourself.

These uses of Himalayan pink salt are the best. You can enjoy great health benefits by using it in place of your regular table salt. For this reason, Bhandari Foods has been keenly exporting it for the past 10 years and made a top name in the industry.