Where Pakistan Stands in Rice Exporting?

Pakistani rice is loved and cherished all around the world. It has a great ranking on international forums because of the quality and nutritional value. There are various quality factors that make Pakistan the best rice exporter all around the globe. There are multiple different types of rice exported from Pakistan with qualities to suit all consumer preferences. Due to this diversity, our rice serves all customers, whether looking for whole-grain or gluten-free rice from Pakistan. Ranging from basmati to gluten-free, Pakistan serves its customers with a wide variety so they can get the type suited for them. 

Pakistan is one of the leading rice exporters globally, making more than 8% of the world’s total rice trade. Bhandari Foods has the top rank in quality production, excellent growing environment, moisture containment, and rice storage among the best rice suppliers from Pakistan. Of all the factors, the weather of Pakistan makes it easier to produce tons of rice every year. Pakistan is blessed with four seasons that allow a variety of fruits and crops to be produced in a massive amount, making us the leading exporters globally. 

Pakistan as the Best Rice Exporter

Being a tropical and hot country, Pakistan produces varieties of crops and fruits every year. It ranks us at the top of the exporting countries worldwide. Recently, Pakistan has gained a reputable position in international markets, and its demand has risen. There are many reasons that make Pakistani rice better than other countries, which we will further discuss in this article.

Pakistan’s reputation in the international market has also given many local exporters a chance to excel and make their name. Bhandari Food is one of the best rice exporters in Pakistan, and it has made its name globally. 

Why Pakistan is one of the Best Rice Exporters?

Pakistan has more than 8% of the world’s total rice trade because of the following reasons: 

  • Suitable Length 

Pakistani rice grown in hot climates are longer in length, whereas moderate-temperature rice is usually short. These lengthy rice are admired worldwide as they enhance the presentation of the food and taste better. Everyone also loves the best basmati rice from Pakistan for this reason. 

  • Sufficient Stickiness 

Some of the best rice suppliers from Pakistan are popular worldwide as they serve top-quality rice. Our rice is adequately sticky when cooked. Among these glutinous varieties, quality, physical characteristics, and environmental conditions can vary to a great extent. You can differentiate from sticky rice as they are opaque when raw, unlike many other types. A common misconception about glutinous rice is that it contains dietary gluten, but it is not valid. 

  • Exotic Aroma 

Pakistan rice is rich in aroma and fills your home with a lovely scent when cooked. It is another main reason people love it so much. Apart from many dietary and skin benefits, rice aroma is soothing for many people. Some even mix it with their aromatherapy routines. The best basmati rice from Pakistan is highly known for its dietary benefits and rich aroma. In western culture, rice wine is commended for its rich fragrance. It is also used in some perfumes to enhance the scent by up to 10-12 descriptors. The wide use of rice has given many basmati rice suppliers from Pakistan a chance to excel in the field. The aroma in the rice is caused by the chemical compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline.

  • Rich in Flavor 

The flavor of Pakistani rice is admired worldwide. It is so rich and tasty that people often find themselves reaching the shelves at grocery stores to stock up on them. Different rice type has different flavor, but the main difference is whether it has been polished. Being the best rice exporter, Pakistan grows its rice in the most suitable environment and uses the best fertilizers. The draining and harvesting time are also closely monitored with proper moisture content. The harvested unit is then stored in the right environment containing enough moisture to keep the rice fresh and rich in its contents. 

  • High Quality 

One of the big reasons Pakistan is the best rice exporter is that it never bargains on its production quality. Every batch of rice is produced and stored in the best environment with proper quality control. Whether it is basmati rice or any other type, all are taken care of without any difference. As a leading rice exporter, Pakistan cannot take its rice quality for granted. It is very concerned about its international image. Therefore, many suppliers, like Bhandari Foods, take extra measures to ensure quality rice is produced in Pakistan.