How 1121 Basmati Rice Is Better Than Other Rice?

1121 Basmati rice is worldwide renowned for its long grain length, delicious cooking, and distinct taste. These grains remain separate and fluffy even after they are cooked.

History of Organic Rice

Organic rice is grown in ideal natural conditions without the treatment of chemical fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Consuming this rice is considered beneficial to health.

The Growth & Volume of Potatoes in Pakistan

Recently, Pakistan has become one of the most influential nations for potato production, and Pakistani potatoes dominate various markets because of their excellent quality,

Why Pakistani Rice is Better than Other Countries?

Pakistan is one of the leading rice exporters globally, making more than 8% of the world's total rice trade. Bhandari Foods has the top rank in quality production,

The Finest Quality of Mangoes Produced in Pakistan

Mangoes are recognized as “The King of Fruit,” not just in Pakistan but also globally. It is one of the most nutritious, not to mention delicious and best fresh fruit.

Where Does Kinnow Mandarin Come From?

Pakistan’s climatic conditions and soil are ideal for growing the best Kinnow Mandarin and providing it better taste than other mandarins grown globally. Mandarin Orange grown in Pakistan is sweeter, whereas other countries produce sour Kinnow.

Why Himalayan Pink Salt is Best?

Himalayan pink salt is a slightly pink-hued salt sourced near the Himalayas mountains of South Asia. The question of why Himalayan salt is the best is supported by many health facts

Quality, Consistency, and Taste – A Tradition at Bhandari Foods

Rice, a product used in a variety of traditional and cultural dishes carrying a sentimental value worldwide. Whether it is the biryani.

Best Rice Exporter from Pakistan

With agriculture being the most significant sector of the economy, there is no shortage of rice exporters in Pakistan. However, when it comes to quality, consistency, and exceptional...

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 main varieties of rice cultivated in Pakistan; Basmati Rice, IRRI Rice, and Bold Grain Rice (commonly known as sella). Each one of them possesses a unique set of characteristics and is widely demanded in the local, as well as the international market.