Naturalâ„¢ Fried Onions

The onion has its origins in central Asia. Onions can be consumed in many ways, each type of it has its own taste and utilities. One of the most common way to use onions is to first fry it and then use in cooking recipes as integral ingredient.
We at Bhandari foods have state of the art facilities to ensure the quality production of best in class fried onions. Initially the onions get peeled and fried in high caliber cooking oil with proper quality management. Once the peeling, frying, and seasoning process, the onions are frozen. The freezing process ensures high quality and a product that lasts. All these factors are critical control points in this product, especially for shelf life of the packaged product.
Most of the cooking cuisines use fried onion as vital ingredient, in some cuisines it is used for garnishing. It can be also used as toppings for casseroles or in coating foods, similar to using breadcrumbs.
The frying of these onions are carried out in an auto-controlled fryer with an evenness to maintain its color, taste, aroma, texture, and crispiness
Everyone loves onions with their burgers and dishes, yet many are unwilling to make them themselves. We at Naturals produce exceptional soft fried onions, which can easily give competition to even the best home-made onions in terms of taste and authenticity

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