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Experience Natural ™ best basmati and non-basmati rice from the top rice exporter of Pakistan.



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Selected from the most exquisite paddy grains, Natural ™ Rice brings you the best basmati rice which is gluten-free and non GMO. We guarantee that each mouthful of our delicately texture rice with its distinctive nutty flavor will leave you with a magical feeling of pure nostalgia.Natural ™ buys only best basmati grains which embrace the traditional characteristics – long and slender with a delicate texture, scrumptious taste and alluring aroma. We are committed to procuring the most ideal grains through our continuous improvement in operations, technology and resources so that every grain is packed with the same premium quality we are committed to offer.


Super Kernel Basmati

Happy flavorsome living!

Discover those alluring taste buds with Natural ™ Super Kernel Basmati Rice. A premium quality and best basmati rice so rich in flavor, aroma and appearance that it indulges you in to a state of pure nostalgia of basmati heritage. The finest and most exquisite rice with its long and slender grain adds delight to your meal.We leave no stone upturned in providing you the best basmati rice.

1121 Basmati Kainat

Happy cooking

Looking for that extra-long grain rice which adds persona to your meals? Natural ™ 1121 best basmati rice brings mouthwatering character and taste to that rice dish with its separate and fluffy grains after cooking. A rice ideal for catering biryani or pilaf exquisite meals. Now enjoy healthy food products along with classy taste with Naturals ™ by the top exporter of Pakistan.

PK 386

All The Goodness

For a delightful everyday meal, Natural ™ 386 grain rice brings you an unparalleled taste which fits in your everyday rice budget. Natural ™ 386 rozana rice is packed with rich nutrients, supreme flavor and exceptional quality that provides an affordable staple for daily rice meals. Now you can enjoy best basmati rice.

C9 Long Grain Rice

Authentic Flavor

C9 long grain rice a non-aromatic long grain rice originally grown Pakistan. After cooking, the grains remain fluffy and separate – making this versatile long grain rice especially suitable for stuffings, pilafs, salads, casseroles, and stir-fry dishes.


Quality Goods

Are you looking for a variety of rice which is easy on your pocket and delicious? Look no further, because we have exactly what you need! Natural™ IRRI 6 Rice will be sure to gratify your taste buds.


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