Mirza Ghalib, the great Persian Poet, described mango as the “King of Fruits” for its exotic aroma and honey like sweetness. Pakistani mangoes rank amongst the best quality mangoes and are widely sought all across the globe.

Natural™ Sindhri

Bhandari Foods Natural brand is a leading orchard, exporter and supplier of Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan. The mango takes its name after the town, Sindhri of Mirpurkhas district (Sindh), in which it is cultivated. The mango is known as the ‘Queen’ because of its rich aroma and exquisite taste. The mango is a sight for sore eyes because of its unique lemon yellow peel and a distinct elongated and pointed curved shape. The flesh is of a deep yellow shade, soft and melting and with incredible sweetness and flavour. The fine and firm texture of Sindhri mangoes make them one of a kind.

  • Fruit Shape: Oval
  • Weight: 330-450g
  • Skin Color: Lemon yellow
  • Pulp: Fine texture, firm, fiber less
  • Flavor: Aromatic
  • TSS: 15-17%
  • Acidity: 0.14 – 0.16%
  • Brix: 16
  • Season: mid-May to end-June
  • Origin: Mirpur Khas, Pakistan

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NATURAL ™ Chaunsa

Bhandari Foods Natural brand is a leading orchard, exporter, and supplier of Chaunsa mangoes from Pakistan. Chaunsa mango ranks amongst the top ten varieties of mangoes. Rahim Yar Khan and Multan are the centers of its cultivation. The fruit possesses an exceptionally sweet taste and a wonderful fragrance. Chaunsa mango has a matt pale-golden peel, and a vibrant yellow flesh. The delicious soft, succulent flesh with only the minimum of fiber makes Chaunsa a highly demanded variety of mangoes.

  • Fruit Shape: Oval
  • Weight: 300-400g
  • Skin Color: Golden Yellow
  • Pulp: Firm, Fibreless, Juicy
  • Flavor: Aromatic
  • TSS: 18-22%
  • Acidity: 0.17 – 0.18%
  • Brix: 18-20
  • Season: Mid-June to mid-Aug
  • Origin: Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan

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Anwar Ratol is popular due to its high flavor and abundance of juice. It is smaller in size, heavy pulp full of juice, skin medium-thick, the pulp is firm and fibreless, can be cut off in slices, flavor very pleasant and very sweet taste. The season of Anwar Ratol starts from mid of July to August. Bhandari Foods Natural brand is a leading orchard, exporter, and supplier of Anwar Ratol mangoes from Pakistan. Mango is the major fresh and tropical fruit we provide internationally. Pakistani mango has a prominent position among all the fruits grown in the country. Pakistan is the 4th largest mango exporter in the globe. The soil and climate condition enables Pakistan to supply and market the super quality mangoes around the world.

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