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Natural ™ is an export brand set up under the umbrella of Bhandari foods Pakistan. Bhandari foods is already a top exporter of best basmati rice from Pakistan and now it aims to be the best exporter of Himalayan pink salt, best exporter of sesame seeds, best exporter of spices, best exporter of fried onions and other products from Pakistan. 
Thus Natural ™ was set as an export brand which is committed to being the unprecedented leader of the food export industry of Pakistan which aims to supply best quality export products such as rice, sesame seeds, Himalayan pink salt, spices, salt lamps and ethnic food.


Our Products

At natural™, our comprehensive quality assurance policy ensures we provide you with nutritional products that delight you to the utmost. Every product receives special care and attention during its journey from our production floor to your kitchen so that you can relish the freshness, taste and flavor we are committed to providing. Every single product that leaves our facility is subject to the highest standards of safety and quality as per the natural™ promise of providing best export quality basmati rice, himalayan pink salt, sesame seeds, spices, fried onions, jaggery and other products. The foundation of this quality assurance policy are our highly skilled and experienced personnel who select the finest and purest ingredients to ensure that our valued customers receive products of unparalleled export quality from an already top exporter from Pakistan.

Himalayan Pink Salt

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Fried Onions

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Sesame Seeds


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Factory: 3.8km Tatley Road Kamoke.
Head Office: 202 Namak Mandi Badami Bagh, Lahore.
Export and Marketing Office: 8CCA Commercial Area Phase 4 Lahore

WhatsApp +92 321 4428332


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